The single most asked question which anyone with a chronic condition has is… What do I need to do to heal my-self? Well, my go-to self-help technique is a great big “Secret” But a mindset that we all can benefit from.

I often notice that when I am feeling happy and content my symptoms of tiredness or pain are very much eased. I’m very aware that happiness is a mental or emotional state of well-being, and that we should not allow outside forces to dampen our spirit and get us down. However, there are some of us who really seem to feel the effects of a persons positive and negative energy more than others. Call it what you like, at the end of the day dumping negative emotions upon another is extremely draining.

Boundaries – If you want to begin a recovery process, you need to start taking responsibility and care of your own emotional well-being first. establishing healthy emotional boundaries may be tricky, and often, more so where family are concerned as demands can be difficult to dismiss, but it is possible with a few tricks up your sleeve.

Protect yourself from other peoples stuff and reacting to others energies  – Do you find your body tenses up, or your breathing becomes shallow. do you feel trapped. Find yourself a safe space to retreat, somewhere that you can take a break from the negative energy. Practicing mindfulness and meditation, or visualize a protective shield around yourself are methods that can help restore your balance. If you’ve not used mindfulness or meditation techniques before there are tonnes of sites online or YouTube which you can try, or try find a local group. Remember that what one person enjoys may not appeal to you, try a few until you find the one which speaks to you best. When your feeling overwhelmed remember to breathe. don’t try force the breath or change it, just focus on your breathing with your ind and allow it to “settle”. You may begin to notice your breath is high in your chest – aim to move your breath lower in your body, to under your belly is a good analogy, allowing for a gently rise and fall as you breath, rising on the inhalation and falling back on the exhalation.  Focusing on your breath helps centers you and you can practice this anywhere at anytime. Sit quietly, use this time to focus your attention on where you want to be. Imagine yourself healed, see yourself doing the things you love to do. Really feel yourself doing these wonderful things. Dream yourself there. What you dream now can once again become your reality. Do this simple exercise over and over – again and again. “Set a goal so BIG that if you ever achieved it it would BLOW your mind” 

I have wonderfully long list of simple ideas you can begin implementing to help raise your energy for better healing. Along with these i’ll share my hints and tips you can use yourself and begin strengthening your body and mind from the inside out. After-all, Health and Happiness is an inside job! I’ll follow up with these in future blogs, all of which have worked extremely well for me.

So have you guessed it yet – What is this “Secret” she mentioned earlier?                    The very first thing I did to begin my own healing journey was to watch “The Secret“. I’ve been a fan of this movie since 1996 and I knew that if anything was going to help me to focus on my dream and get my life back it was this!  You can find “The Secret”, on YouTube or grab yourself the DVD Amazon. Or have you a friend who keeps telling you to watch The Secret? Ask them for a borrow – You won’t regret it. I keep two copies of The Secret at home, if one copy is out on lend, or I didn’t get one back, I still want to be able to go to it when I feel the need for a mood-boost. Watch the movie a couple of times at first, every time I watch The Secret i’m amazed to see something I missed before.

Here’s a link I found for The Secret on YouTube;                                                                  314b500373f46d0013bb9862b6fc5a29

Warriors Healing Together 

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