Firstly, I apologise for not writing anything here recently. To be perfectly honest, I’ve been delving into books and research on my new obsession… The ‘Myofascia’ and ‘Myofascial Releasing’. It’s fascinating.

I added a new certification last October, Trigger Point Pilates (TPP) with founder Lydia Campbell. I hadn’t taken any TPP classes previous to this, however, the idea of a deep facial releasing and helping the body to unwind and let go was some which really resonated with me. The course just happened to be in Ibiza ‘Yoga Fit Retreat’ and since I had taken the plunge and booked the weeks retreat I thought why not make the most of an opportunity to train while I’m there. Exciting!

I felt, that whether my local community classes were open to this new concept or not, this was something I would still benefit from for myself, and just maybe it would work for them also.
As I’ve noted here previously, every two or so weeks my muscles will hold tension. Yes yes, I know, I am a fitness instructor, and therefore I will have sore muscles or DOMS but it doesn’t always happen because I’ve been exercising, it’s something that just happens! And heck this is pain. Once my muscles go into a tight spasm they don’t let go. Mostly legs and upper back, but some days it can be soles of feet face and palms of hand. And then there’s the added struggle with vision, headache and concentration. Muscles are muscles where ever they’re located. I’ve tried resting, magnesium salt baths and massage. The latter two which help reduce the condition, but it doesn’t really go away, and so I’m always living with painful muscles of some degree. Add to this constant sore joints due to my body’s response to stress and some favourite foods… CFS and instructing is not walk in the park – No certification could have prepared me for this. And so I really felt TPP could be an answer not only for me but for clients who needed relief from Chronic pain, or athletes looking for a faster recovery option.

I arrived a the retreat, checked out the schedule and amongst some yoga and lovely VeraFlow with founder Naomi Di Fabio (I love this beautiful class. It’s got it all), I did two TPP classes with Lydia. I benefited massively from lying on the soft prickle balls. I felt the benefits after one class. I already understand the onion theory – each of the layers of an onion being pealed away, like the layers of tension added to our bodies over months and years being removed.
It seems that we humans try to protect themselves with tension-like layers of an onion. That sounds ridiculous, but this is a very good analogy.

These deeper compensating painful tension patterns may be due to old injuries, forgotten repetitive movement at work or sports, learned loco-motor and postural patterns from parents and childhood, physiological trauma.

So if you think about it logically, the more you can let go, and the deeper you go the more you can let go.
A surprising reaction to this deep unfolding for some can be tears. Like the layers of the onion, the more you peal back the more you cry.

Tears are good, tears means you have made a breakthrough. Tears are our bodies natural way of letting go. Let your tears come. I had tears after my second TPP session with Lydia, and the feeling of light in my body after this was truly wonderful. I hope all this is making sense?

  • Think of it as keeping our body balanced and to allow for self-healing.

What a setting for a course

Two Jacqui’s passing TPP course at yogaFit Retreat with Lydia

What have been my own benefits from practicing Trigger Point Pilates. Well lots actually…

  1. Faster recover after exercise. I feel such pain after teaching a certain high impact class and getting off the sofa layer to climb the stairs to bed can be so painful, this is when my muscles would hold onto tension for days. So I get on my prickle Balls and do some simple moves and hey presto! I’m already feeling the benefits before I go to bed. The following morning I feel great.
  2. I have now a class which I can teach which doesn’t burn me out and use up any last reserves of energy. A class which I believe will stand the test of time.
  3. My lovely little fit-fam has embraced this class and thier prickle balls. The feedback has been amazing. I’ve lots of new clients through the doors and lots of challenging bodies in front of me. Every new week is a learning week.
  4. I have myself a simple tool that I can do almost anywhere and manage one of the hidden CFS conditions of deep chronic pain.
  5. I actually don’t remember the last time I felt my glands were up and sore, unless of course I was maybe fighting a virus but even then, it’s only been short lived. I’ve also just recently noted that the heavy furry chest feeling is gone. I used to relate to this as “breathing through a door mat” and it was constantly there. My chest feels clear and my breath light for the first time in five years. Five years! I love this. I can breath again without restriction. How Fab is that.
  6. My nervous system seems to be restoring it’s self through natural and gently movement rather than OTC meds. eg. I’d a migraine last weekend, I did some TPP and eventually it went – along with lots of pops and cracks in my upper back and neck, hahaha. I’d normally have had this ache travel my body and last all weekend. Result.

These incredible benefits are not only my own. Every week another client comes and tells me how this class has helped them.
• I have one lady who after doing her first TPP class with me has had an incredibly positive result with chronic constipation. Right from her first class she had results. That’s a whole lot of letting go.

~ This onion stuff really works ~

So to conclude.
“Homeostasis is the tendency of a system, especially the physiological system of higher animals, to maintain internal stability, owing to the coordinated response of its parts to any situation or stimulus that would tend to disturb its normal condition or function.”

Any imbalance of the body’s posture and loco-motor system (60% of the Central Nervous System)
Or metabolism (40% of the Central Nervous System) will be present in the body physical.

Any imbalance from past /old injuries of the body posture and loco-motor system or interferences with the development or maturation of homeostatic systems will be present in the body physical.

How chronic these conditions remain are like layers of an onion. They remain a part and apart of an onion. They remain a part and apart of you until they serve their purpose in your life.

Pain is not a lifestyle


4 thoughts on “Let it go

  1. THANK YOU for the introduction to this form of exercise. Your class is beyond brilliant as is your blog!! Nicky (and my mother who just did her first exercise class in years and is now gently sleeping, having just peeled off the first layer of onion. A definite Friday feeling has just washed over us. 🙂

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